Article posting plans for the rest of August.

As you’ve hopefully noticed, we have now moved on from Volume 22 of The Strand Magazine (1901), into Volume 30 (1905). The magazine doesn’t feel particularly different four years on, although we are now well into the Edwardian era.

One of the main serialisations in this volume is ‘The Story of My Life‘ by Father Gapon, one of the key protagonists in the Russian Revolution of 1905 — by the time Volume 30 is finished, all the parts will be serialised, and it was very interesting transcribing and proofreading the articles for this website. There’s also a continuing series by George Sims which I will complete once I scan and split Volume 29 (sometime in the future!).

From tomorrow I’m away with limited internet access for the rest of August. I’ve set up a scheduled daily post for all the time I’m away (if it works!). There are some interesting articles coming out over the next week, including another of the regular Curiosities selection of reader-provided photographs (which I enjoy, even if they’re not the most viewed articles on the site).

Have a good rest of August!


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