The Strand Magazine’ was a long-running monthly British periodical, which started in 1891 and finished publication in 1950. Its golden age was the late Victorian and early Edwardian era, with its first burst of popularity coming with the publication of the early Sherlock Holmes stories. In its heyday it sold around half a million copies every month.

In contrast to the more well known fiction side of the Strand Magazine, I’ve always particularly enjoyed the more quirky non-fiction, and that’s what this site will be focusing on. I’d also make some of the excellent illustrations more accessible – while the text of all the public domain volumes of the Strand Magazine is available on sites such as the Internet Archive, the scans are optimised for OCR, and the illustrations are often very low quality.

If you want to read more Strand Magazine articles as text (rather than just page images), you can find several issues on Project Gutenberg. There is also an ongoing Strand Magazine transcription effort at Wikisource.

Initially I’ll be working through the non-fiction fromĀ July to December 1901 (volume 22), but over time I’ll extend my remit!